About Us

Glass Tears, Inc. is a small, family owned business in Pennsylvania. We produce handcrafted glass teardrop products and write custom poetry. We try to keep it simple. Glass Tears, Inc. offers individually crafted glass teardrop shaped figurines and pendants which can be shared as unique gifts for life’s most meaningful moments. We also write heartwarming poetry to accompany these unique glass keepsakes.  It is our goal to help you “say it with a tear”.

A Glass Tears gift is really a marriage of two art forms — glass working and poetry. These simple, but elegant clear glass teardrops are individually handcrafted by local glass artists. Each tear is uniquely different than the others. Although they all have the same trademark Glass Tears shape, each one is a truly unique statement to the recipient. The magic of our Glass Tears gift is not only found in the glass artistry, but also in the voice of each teardrop we create. Our tears are actually meant to speak.

Randal S. Doaty is the original founder of the Glass Tears concept and the sole poetic voice of our Glass Tears products. Mr. Doaty has written more than 400 different poems for every imaginable occasion. Every Glass Tears gift is accompanied by one of his poems. Mr. Doaty believes that every tear, whether glass or liquid, is really a special message from our heart and soul. His poetry helps to put some of our deepest thoughts and feelings into words which everyone can understand and embrace.

The very first Glass Tears poem was appropriately entitled “Glass Tears” and shared a message of sympathy to a friend during a season of loss. This poem remains the most frequently requested poem for those folks sharing a sympathy outreach. Doaty has also written dozens of other sympathy poems for specific losses and various types of losses. If you are looking for a truly unique sympathy outreach, our Glass Tears poet probably has the words stored somewhere in his archive. He is always glad to help those looking for special words of encouragement and support.

The popularity of our unique Glass Tears sympathy gift led others to use our unique products for other special events — both happy and sad. Whether tears of sorrow or tears of joy these Glass Tears keepsakes and poems have found their way into the hearts, curio cabinets and nightstands of people all around the world. We now offer new baby tears, wedding tears, pet sympathy tears, tears of faith, retirement tears, friendship tears, cancer battle tears and a wide variety of other special occasion tears.

We rarely advertise our Glass Tears products. Our customer base comes from people who have received these special keepsakes from a friend or relative. They leave a lasting impression in the hearts of the recipients, who then become our customer when someone they know needs a unique gift. We are not looking to become a specialty gift giant. It is the goal of Glass Tears to serve our loyal customer base with quality handcrafted products and custom poetry. We want to keep our business in the family — the Glass Tears family. If you have ever given or received a Glass Tears gift, we warmly welcome you to our family!