Glass Tear Ornament

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Our new “Glass Tears Ornaments” are solid-glass, teardrop-shaped ornaments which hang discretely on your Christmas Tree. They can also be used year-round as a sun catcher in your window. Like all of our Glass Tears products, only you will know the deeper meaning and life they are intended to remember. These individually crafted teardrops vary slightly in size, but are generally 2.5 inches or 6.25 cm from tip to tip, not including the ornament hanger. We no longer sell the hollow, blown glass teardrop ornaments.


 "The Christmas Tree Teardrop" Poem



I save a place each holiday,
Upon our Christmas Tree,
A tear of sweet remembrance…
This tear for you, from me.
And there among the ornaments,
Your special tear of glass,
Will honor all the love we shared -
Remain as time shall pass.
Yet some may look and wonder,
Why I display your tear,
But those who truly know grief’s path,
Will know why it is here.
I have not forgotten you,
My heart is on display,
This teardrop on our Christmas Tree,
Shows love is here to stay!
The Christmas Tree Teardrop,
Each year shall have a place,
Until we both shall meet again,
And share our warm embrace.

Glass Tears now has the on-line capability to allow our customers to send multiple gifts in a single orders to various locations via our web store. If you wish to send multiple Glass Tears gift sets, to multiple locations, with uniquely different personal notes, it is now possible. Please follow the prompts as you proceed through the check-out process in our web store. Contact us at if you have a problem with a multi-ship order.

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